I noticed, yesterday morning, that the property was silent. The one thing you will notice at any given time is we have a lot of birds singing. That morning, however, the usual joyous chirps of birds was gone.

There are only two reasons that birds are quiet. One is a looming storm. It is a good sign to saddle up for a ride and often that ride is a tornado. The other reason is drought.

We mostly think of our plants and domestic animals, in regards to water, but there are times, like now, in North Carolina, that it is so dry, our help is needed.

Where I live, it has not rained since Labor Day Weekend and that was only a spritz. Our grass is brown; the trees have lost half their leaves before they even turned color. Oh, wait, they turned color: brown.

The ground is so dry, our electric fence can’t keep our goats in; there is no grounding.  Their dry, little hooves are totally insulated for lack of moisture, in the ground. This is a first for us.

The box turtles are walking aimlessly around the yard. I almost stepped on one before I picked him up and took him to where we have a small pan of water. I also sprayed him down, just for added measure. A toad was soaking in the water bucket, acting like a frog. Did I mention the box turtle was so thirsty and crabby he hissed at me? Hissed! That, too, is a first.

I threw out an old kombucha mother and it drew about 8 butterfiles. They are thirsty, too.

Grass takes a pretty good lick before it actually turns brown and brittle so if it is brown, that is a sign that all the other small water pools that birds drink from, are gone, too.

Water the wild birds. Add small pie plates of water in various places. Add a sponge to one of them for the butterflies.

I’d venture to say, that by the next day, those watering holes will be a great viewing spot of your winged friends. Grab some tea and enjoy the show.

Happy Homesteading, Scarlett