Dear Neighbor,

I love fires but find them so messy. I used to sew carriers but was in a pinch to carry logs. I looked at a tote I had hanging and the logs wouldn’t fit in unless I cut it… and the came a thought! You can recycle those free or cheap totes you have by creating a log carrier. This simple carrier can be made in literally seconds and recycles a cheap or free tote into something totally useful. ┬áIt will take you longer to find your scissors than make the carrier.

Start with one of those free totes. If you have to buy one, they are 99 cents at WalMart. Find your scissors which are somewhere with your missing socks and pens.

Cut down the side seams.

It’s cut down the side seams. Now walk out to the wood pile.

Fill with wood and carry without getting nasty wood dust all over your clothes.