Dear Neighbor,

When I was a little girl my brothers called me Olive Oyle. I was tall and very skinny (those were the days, my friend, I knew they’d definately end.) The truth be known, I should have been called Popeye because I love spinach as much as he does!

Spring brings a bounty of greens and eggs on the homestead. This morning I made my favorite omelette: Spinach Feta Omelette. It is a healthy, sustainable living recipe, that makes my menu list.

I started with the following ingredients:

2 fresh eggs
pinch of garlic
chopped onion
a slice of turkey breakfast sausage (optional)
4 mushrooms, sliced
handful of spinach
feta cheese- a sprinkling
salt and pepper
olive oil

I started with olive oil heated in my pan. Then I added my onion, garlic, mushrooms and sausage and sauteed them. Sorry for the steam fogging up the picture but we were cookin’!

Then I added a big handful of fresh spinach. Use as much as you like because it shrinks down to nothing.

Within minutes it looked like this.

I removed my sauteed goodies to a bowl, so I can cook the eggs. Cover your pan with a good amount of olive oil. Scramble your eggs and pour into the pan, spreading them evenly across the whole pan. You will need plenty of room to hold all the inner goodies. Salt and pepper to taste.

Once the eggs are cooked through add your veggies back on one side. Sprinkle the feta cheese on top of that.

Now fold over the empty side on top of the veggies and slide off onto a plate. Sadly, I didn’t use enough oil so mine weren’t pretty, but tasted eggsellent! Happy homesteading, S