Dear Neighbor,

Time to get your garden planted has become extrememly time sensitive. Memorial Day is usually the last day to get a garden in, especially in the North. I have seen two quick and nearly instant garden ideas. One I found on the advertising sidebar of Facebook. Yep, I clicked it and I am glad I did! The raised  bed system involves straw bales. I thought this idea was awesome. I have usedthis technique for growing potatoes but never thought of it for the whole garden. It saves the time needed for tilling and dressing the soil (if you add nice soil to begin with)  and as long as you have the ability to have the soil hauled in, you can truly have a garden planted in a day. What I love, as well, is you have seating for your weeding! The more I think of it, the more I like it. A lot.

Another idea, which I found while bored in line, thumbing through the magazines, (sorry don’t remember which one, but it might have been Mother Earth News)  creates a truly instant garden. You can create an instant planting container by taking a purchased bag of soil, lay it down flat, poke holes on that flat side, flip it over, cut the other bag flat side away, leaving a two inch frame in tact,  and planting your seeds or plants right in the soil. If you want to try a small test garden, I saw small bags of potting soil at the Dollar Store. You could grow a small lettuce patch or your favorite herb. This bed is totally disposable. No need for buying containers or pots. Great idea! Hope these ideas help you get your garden growing.

Happy Homesteading, S