Dear Neighbor,

Storing food is essential for preparedness. You will build your own little storehouse of food that you will store, rotate and use.

Work on one month’s supply of food. You  may want to increase this over time, but working on one month at a time eliminates the feeling of feeling overwhelmed and at least gets you set for an entire month of food preparedness. I would rather see you have a complete month of food than one year’s worth of a few items and really be ready at all.

The place to store your food can be anywhere that is cool and dark.  A closet or large kitchen pantry will store about one month’s worth of food. If you already know you want to store more than a month’s worth of food, you will likely have to find room in a basement or somewhere else or have multiple spaces. Garages and attics are not good places to store foods  with oils break down and go rancid. However, dry goods like pasta, rice, or paper products  can be stored in those places.

Look around. What space can be emptied, the contents either relocated or disposed of? Take 15 minutes a day and work on clearing your place to store. Grab a bag for “give away” “throw away” or “put away” and make your space!

Happy homesteading, S