Dear Neighbor,

In case you wondered how the sugar cookies in the store end up with that glassy picture perfect hard glaze on it, they use one ingredient many other recipes leave out: corn syrup. The corn syrup makes the icing dry in just minutes and it will be shiny, hard and beautiful. You use so very little corn syrup, so all health concerns can be waived.

Here is the recipe I have been using for 35 years and will be using on Saturday. For my favorite cookie recipe,  sign up for the Special Delivery emails.

Cookie Icing

2 cups sifted powdered sugar

4 t milk

4 t corn syrup

Food coloring of choice

Combine first three ingredients until blended and creamy. Add corn syrup and blend.  Divide into  separate bowls and color as desired. Cover with a wet paper towel while using so it doesn’t dry out. Can be spread with knives or your favorite decorating tips.

Happy Homesteading!