Dear Neighbor,

I stayed at a hotel recently that served premade omelettes. They were surprisingly delicious! Since eggs are plentiful, but time in the morning is not, I decided to make my own little omelettes to reheat later. Here is what I did….

Turned my oven on, to 350 degrees. Then I got together my ingredients which consisted of a quarter of an onion and the same amount of green pepper, chopped. I also had a few slices of bacon which I browned and crumbled. I used 1/2 cup of shredded cheese.


egg ingredients


I put a pinch of each of the ingredients in each muffin cup. Oh, make sure to spray those cups with oil!


egg filled


Then I cracked 18 eggs in a large bowl. Add a little milk, salt and pepper and beat. Fill each cup with the eggs.


egg with egg fill


I baked my eggs for only 15 minutes or so. Check them…every oven is a bit different.



eggs plate


Voila! A dozen mini omelettes to reheat whenever I need them! I think all they need is a little salsa, and I will be good to go.


Happy Homesteading! ~ S