The Baker Creek catalogue is a work of art.

Dear Neighbor,

As soon as the gift wrap is cleared and the cookie crumbs are vacuumed, I move right on past the holidays as if they never existed. I know that is kind of sad, but it is how I cope with winter and one has to move on, right?

 Where does my head go? It goes out the door…to my garden, precisely.  I engage in my New Year’s Day ritual and dig out my seed catalogues, make a cup of coffee, sit by the fire and start dreaming of my spring garden. Since seeds need to be started  by Valentines day, in some garden zones,  there is not time to waste in planning and ordering.

 My favorite catalogue companies are:

Baker Creek Heritage Seeds

Seeds of Change

Seed Savers Exchange

I know there are many different companies out there but for simplicity’s sake, I highly suggest to only order two or three catalogues.  Your head will spin like a top and just get really confused. Maybe it’s just me? Who knows but I find these three companies have all I need.

So stall no further and clear some time this weekend to order a few catalgoues. You don’t have to know what seeds you will be ordering yet. Most companies get your order out same day and you will have them in a week. In the next few weeks I will share a few tips for garden planning.

For now, just dream with me…..

Happy Homesteading, S