Dear Neighbor,

I am much like a two year old in this respect: when I get quiet it is usually because I am up to something. What have I been up to? So glad you asked!

I am happy to announce that after two plus years of digging and mentally plowing my way through things I never thought I would understand, I have developed and launched a free farm & garden only classifieds website for people just like us! Welcome, FarmOverstock!

I’ve been doing backyard homesteading for over 20 years and still find it difficult to network locally with like minded people in order to buy, sell or trade the types of things we are looking for, locally. Social media has been helpful but it is so time consuming to keep up with multiple groups, pages, etc. to find things. I don’t have the time to keep up with all of them!

Craigslist has been helpful, but the stuff you have to go through to find something! A search for chickens results in rubber chickens, salt and pepper shakers, the ubiquitous farm table and old vintage KFC boxes!

I’ve also seen a need for cottage industry networking and advertising. Backyard homesteaders or hobby farmers who have a little thing on the side of selling eggs, meat, honey or extra produce, find it hard to get the word out of their offerings. FarmOverstock is a place to list your abundance, free

There is also a Forum section. My goal from here is to develop a true social media site where we can learn, share and grow in this delightful lifestyle we call “country living.”  Yes, it’s a big endeavor but I’m on a roll! Think big or go wait in truck, right?

Oh, and did I mention there is a FarmOverstock UK for our friends over the pond? Yes, there is! We launched it just this week!


I need your help! Will you be part of the beginning of something great?

Here’s how you can help grow FarmOverstock.

  1. List your abundance on FarmOverstock or Farmoverstock UK.
  2. Join and engage in the Forums. You may not be in the market to buy, sell or trade but I am certain you have a question or an opinion that could help someone.
  3. Share FarmOverstock or FarmOverstock UK in your various social media groups. Share the listing URL and it will populate the appropriate image and link to that listing. Note: as of this print, I have seen at least five people, this week, share that they have had their “for sale” type posts declined and removed in private, closed Facebook groups. Not just the Market. Facebook is caving into the pressure of radical groups and they are closing down the sales all together, one at a time, as they find them. Hey, Facebook has a right to do what they want and we needn’t worry. FarmOverstock is a much better place for you, anyway.  We get you.
  4. Join FarmOverstock or FarmOverstock UK fan page. Please share these groups with your farmy friends.

There are a thousand quotes about small beginnings. Yet they are true; every great thing has to start somewhere and it’s going to take you, my neighbors, to get it started.

Thank you in advance, Scarlett