Dear Neighbor,

Last year’s baby had her first babies! We didn’t expect her to pop first, since we didn’t see she was pregnant until recently. But the usual noisy

Jasmine was screaming at us and then fell silent. Then it was Cocoa yelling from the fence. Her unusual behavior led us to examine the situation and lo and behold, she was led us to see what had transpired over a period of minutes. Yes,minutes and yes, I missed it, AGAIN!  Jasmine, dropped her babies as fast as I’d drop a hot potato. There stood two, still wet, beautiful kids, trying to find their legs and sniffing around for their first meal.

We’re so thankful for the new babies and future milker and soon, in days, her mama, Cocoa, will deliver her next generation of babies. Gotta love spring on the homestead!

Happy Homesteading, S