Dear Neighbor,

After three years of owning this amazing appliance, it is time I share about. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have already heard about the Instant Pot.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like gadgets. I don’t have the patience nor room for one trick ponies. However, this is an appliance that every household should own. Why? Where do I begin!?

The Instant Pot is an slow cooker, rice maker, yogurt maker, steamer, dessert making, dough proofing, pressure cooker, one pot casserole making wonder.

I ignored the claims my friend was making about it, for months. After all, I was the crock pot queen! When she informed me that the reason my house smelled so good was that my flavor was leaving my crock pot and drifting around the air in my home, I stopped to pause. Hmmm…she had me there. SO I jumped on a community board to listen in. I was astounded at the love these women had for this appliance. Did I mention it allows you to boil FRESH eggs and peel them, easily? That really is what made me super interested and I have not been disappointed.

I bought mine December 28 of 2016.  I went a 32 days without using another pot or pan. I only then stopped using the Pot for one meal and that was to bake a pizza. BUT I did use the pot to proof my dough. So technically I used it!

These pots are great for small kitchens, campers, etc. Unless you want to bake something, you really don’t need another appliance. I had a friend walk into my kitchen and ask me if that was the pot he had heard me talk about. This 30 year old, single male, wanted to have one on the job site so they would have lunch cooking and ready at lunch time. See, this pot is for everyone!

The average price for the Instant Pot is around $99. Today, there is a great sale on them. Grab one while you can!

Happy Homesteading! S