Dear Neighbor,

Ever wonder what is really stuffed in those Taco Bell burritos and tacos? That’s what the government’s wondering. Taco Bell is under investigation regarding the quality of their beef.  How loud can I say “DUH?!” I can tell you exactly what is in that burrito. I have been on the stump about it for years!

Taco Bell’s spicey ground beef is made up of a disproportionate amound of filler and other food stuffs over actual beef. Why is anyone shocked?  I swear our goverment creates problems so they can swoop in and fix them, looking like heros.  The government themselves set up  this infraction by their own law making. Remember that letter I wrote you about filler? Of course, that decision was made by lobbyist dollar signs. So now the government is shocked companies are using too much filler and too much crap in their meat. Being the wonderful benefactors they see themselves as, they are suing Taco Bell on behalf of us citizens. They should sue themselves! They opened Pandora’s box when they allowed dog food to become people food.

Grade B beef should have never been allowed to touch human lips. That was the first mistake that led down this road.  Grade B beef is meat is from an animal that is: old, sick, killed before the withdrawl time of medications, which means the medication is still found in the blood stream or the flesh or uncastrated males. Virtually all pre-seasoned meat is grade B meat. I can taste it. I cannot eat TacoBell meat because I can literally taste the chemicals, smell the rank, strong gamey odor only a fully equipped male bovine can give off. This  is how we figured out the homegrown steer  we took to the local butcher came back a pretty packaged bull. You can smell it. That is a whole other story to tell one day.

On to a sweeter subject; the Ivory Coast has stopped exporting cocoa. They are our biggest provider of cocoa so you know what that means: cost increase in cocoa.  I’ve said it once and I will say it again, “Stock up!”  because chocolate prices will rise and maybe even become a luxury. (I can see it now: someone will come up with another fake cocoa flavoring to compensate for our bean loss. Great joy…)  Aldi’s has some nice Belgium imported chocolate at really great prices. You can also have organic coca powder shipped right to your home from Amazon.

Something to consider.  I don’t want to be the little red hen screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” I really am quite optimistic but am highly practical and realistic. We can’t deny the reality that if chocolate can become scarce, so easily, so can any other food item we eat. The Ivory Coast is going to stop exporting because of political turmoil. You connect the dots.

Go to the grocery store sometime and notice how lean the shelves are packed. Seriously, look behind the front cans and see how deep the  shelves are packed. Our shelves are often missing items all together or only two deep. I have noticed this since the Christmas of 2009, when I couldn’t get my hands on Chex Mix cereal. I found that odd but saw other items were missing as well. I have noticed the stores are carrying less variety, making the amount of food in the stores smaller. Coffee looks like it will be the next item to be lean. Sam’s no longer carries more than three choices.  Our grocery stores are carrying less and less as well. Even Organic coffee is getting harder to find on store shelves. I believe this will happen more and more with certain items.

I could tell you why I believe this happening but you would call me crazy. So I will keep my lips zipped… for now.  What I do know is it doesn’t matter how big your garden is going to be or is: you have to have food readily available on your pantry shelf. It takes one storm, one drought or one big pest attack to take out a garden’s harvest. Then what? Where will you go for food? Don’t be prideful or lazy. Stock up on food.  Make your meal lists, pantry lists and provide your family. Get your flock of layers in shape and increase your numbers to the point you are selling a few eggs. Then you will  know you have enough.  Be prepared! After all, have you ever seen a passive ant?

Happy Homesteading, S