WMHH BREAKING NEWS! – The quiet backyard homestead known as Milk & Honey Homestead  is reeling  after a second hen house attack by a local black snake. Scarlett, one of the Egg Plant owners, said this bad boy was first seen by crew member, Rebecca, while Scarlett was on holiday. Rebecca reported that the four foot monster was found coiled in an egg box, removed and relocated to the nearby wooded area . After Scarlett’s return, she went to do yard chores and had “a sneaking hunch” to go check the boxes. There was the ricochet serpent, right back where they had taken him from, the following day. Since the snake had a jaw full of egg, Scarlett believed he would be an easy catch . Dressing in full gear:  farm boots, lined gloves, shovel and metal shield, she approached the snake, which  promptly spit out the encumbering egg and darted off behind a hay bale. When she was unable to move the bale without it  making a “rattling sound,” she hemmed it up with her metal shield and called for back up. Sweating in her boots, (it was 95 degrees) Scarlett says it was along ten minutes and she was very happy help arrived. Her knight in shining cowboy boots drove up in a red truck and  removed the snake with quiet confidence. After a bit of squealing, the situation came to an end and they calmly collected their eggs and fed the serpent spittled egg to the livestock guardian dog.

When  asked how she was doing, Scarlett responded, ” I wouldn’t even be afraid of snakes if they didn’t move!” Hopefully, if she sees another snake, the thing will just lie completely still so she can deal with it calmly.