Dear Neighbor,

I know, with all my past talk you probably thought I was talking about dealing with bats. No, I am not speaking of dealing with driving a stake through the heart of a vampire but driving a stake out for the dog!

I don’t know about you but sometimes the dirt around here is just too hard. Screwing in something like a yard dog stake can be  be painful as you attempt to  grip the darned contraption and try to get it deep enough that your dog will still be where you put him. Here’s a link where I got our Walk-about Combo Spiral Stake with 15 cable.

Here’s an easy way to drive that stake.

Find a place that your dog won’t wrap around anything if it should move the full 360 radius of the chain.

Screw the stake in as far as you can with bare hands.

Use a fat stick as a handle and rotate until all it’s in far enough. The pressure goes off your hand and onto the stick.

That was easy!