Dear Neighbor,

I have released my first video tutorial which is how to create your own one month emergency food supply without spending the big bucks. My choices of comparable foods will save you around $200, per person. I attempted to stay as close to the original choices of foods seen on a well known prepper site, so a true comparison could be made.

Things to note: this food will not last 20 years. It doesn’t have to, for my needs. It is food I would eat anyway and I can replace it in a few years. Since manufacturers have to add expiration dates, to fulfill legal mumble jumble, I know that canned goods will last much longer than any expiration date on it. Also, any food that isn’t full of oil will be fine a longer time and if there is fats or oils, keeping it in a cool place will assure its stabilty for long term storage.

I also  put them in five gallon buckets, again imitating the prepper site. The five gallon buckets are pest proof, water proof, if not submerged and easy to grab and go. There are two buckets per person, for a one month supply.

I forgot to mention on the video that you will also need 14.5 gallons of water to prepare the food.

The list of foods I used is:

  • Bear Creek Broccoli Soup – 8 servings
  • Bear Creek Potato Soup – 8 servings
  • Creamy Alfredo Pasta – 12 servings
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese – 12 servings
  • Fiesta Spanish Rice – 20 servings
  • Chocolate Pudding – 20 servings
  • Creamy Stroganoff – 12 servings
  • Instant Brown Rice – 40 servings
  • Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancakes – 40 servings
  • Orange Energy Drink Mix – 24 servings
  • Instant Oatmeal – 60 servings
  • Powdered  Milk – 32 servings
  • Canned chicken – 8 cans
  • Canned tuna – 4 cans
  • Boxed raisins – 8 boxes
  • Taco and flavor packets- fit a few in the buckets
  • Zip lock bags for storage

Q & A

Was it easy to put this together?

Yes! It is even easier now that you can order online and pick up. You don’t even need to walk into Wally World!

Can I change my food choices?

Yes! You can adjust your food supply to meet your needs. Keep the simplicity of water only for preparation and storage that doesn’t need refrigeration servings for a month supply in mind.

How do I deal with left overs?

The goal is not have left overs that have been cooked. If the products are too big, for instance the soup makes 8 servings and you need one, shake the bag, to blend the contents and separate out an 8th of the mix and prepare.

Do expiration dates matter?

In my opinion, not always. As I mentioned above, the foods that contain high fat content may perish if kept too warm. Otherwise, I have used outdated food all my life. However, that is your call. I bought food that was good for at least two years.

Should I buy more than one month of food?

If you can and have the room to store, it is always good to have extra. If you don’t need it, someone else may. In the event of an evacuation, consider the amount of room you would have in your vehicle to take your food with you. You can also fill buckets with foods you may find useful like a lot of soup/chili mixes or extra rice with season packets and cans of meat.

Can I just buy my food?

Yes! I realize not everyone has the time or ability to shop for all these things. If you want to buy prepared buckets that will last decades, just click here.  It will be delivered right to your door.

Happy homesteading ~ Scarlett