Golden Paste Recipe

Golden Paste Recipe

Golden Paste is a healthy anti-inflammatory supplement that is safe for humans and most animals, alike. Mixing turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and coconut oil, eating this daily can greatly help with pain and inflammation.

Malnutrition Starts On the Farm

America is sick. In fact we are malnutritioned. According to the CDC in their 2009 report, only 14% of adults and 9.5% of teens are eating the daily recommended fruits and vegetables, 25 million Americans have diabetes and on any given day 46% of people will not eat one fruit, 24% not one dairy product and 18% not one vegetable.

A Green Clean

We have a really old house and our kitchen grey water goes into an old timey septic like tank and then right out the side of a hill. This ends up back into my water system to I am concerned what goes into my ground more than others might be.

Food News

Ever wonder what is really stuffed in those Taco Bell burritos and tacos? That’s what the government’s wondering. Taco Bell is under investigation regarding the quality of their beef. How loud can I say “DUH?!”

Just Say “NO!”

Dear Neighbors, Youth is our future. To reach youth and help educate them we need to speak their language. Rap, good or bad, gets their attention. This video about the dangers of GMO food, made by Natural News, comes in four language sub-titles. I am posting all of...

Flu Vaccines: a real shot in the dark

I am an avid study of health related issues. From my studies over the years, I have learned that there is incredible money in sickness. I have seen the power of creating public hysteria over disease because pharmaceutical companies make large profits from fear. Before relying on what the news is pumping out as fact, take time to understand who will really benefit from the “cure.”