Two More 2010 Garden Seasons

Having the homestead spirit as I do, my desire is to have food growing as long as possible. There is still time to get two more rounds of gardening in: a late summer and fall garden.

Tomato Review: Ponderosa and Break O’Day

As I write, we have first gotten a red tomato! The climate has been weird here. Makes for nice green grass in July, but it hasn’t been the best mater year. Either it is too hot and dry or it comes down in torrential downpours, splitting all the tomatoes.

I Love Zucchini!

Dear Neighbor, Why┬áis one of the easiest vegetables to grow the so under appreciated? It is kind of like the Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables, often joked about and gets no respect. I really don’t see why and will declare publicly: I am a fan. The hardest thing...

Saving Seed

Dear Neighbor, “Seed saving can quickly become a hobby and you’ll be in good company. Seed saving teaches us about the wonder of nature and by saving seeds, we complete the circle of growing. What a marvelous way to end the garden season and look forward...

Spinach Feta Omelette

Dear Neighbor, When I was a little girl my brothers called me Olive Oyle. I was tall and very skinny (those were the days, my friend, I knew they’d definately end.) The truth be known, I should have been called Popeye because I love spinach as much as he does!...