Why I Can So Much Salsa

Why I Can So Much Salsa

Dear Neighbor, The two most versatile canned sauces are spaghetti and salsa. While spaghetti sauce can be used in a lot of recipes,  I find salsa even more versatile. You can use salsa as a dip,salad dressing, a cracker spread, a soup or casserole base, a condiment...

Simple Solution For Driving A Stake

Dear Neighbor, I know, with all my past talk you probably thought I was talking about dealing with bats. No, I am not speaking of dealing with driving a stake through the heart of a vampire but driving a stake out for the dog! I don’t know about you but...

Weeds To Some, Treasures To Others

I know for the suburban lawn set, dandelions are a real thorn in the side. However, as I have written before, dandelions are an excellent food source and freely given. Yes, sometimes too freely.

I started doing a little weed picking in the edges of the sidewalk and drive and then it occurred to m

My New Year’s Day Ritual

As soon as the gift wrap is cleared and the cookie crumbs are vacuumed, I move right on past the holidays as if they never existed. I know that is kind of sad, but it is how I cope with winter and one has to move on, right?