Sunday Morning Surprise

  Dear Neighbor, Our friend, who is a photographer, fell in love with our homestead for shooting photos. The pretty straw bale scene he built in the barn was not only appreciated by graduating seniors and toddlers with their fall pumpkins, but our Barred Rock Cochin,...

Say Cheese!

Yesterday Miss Pamela (after Anderson?) and I became friends. I washed her enormous udder with warm water and she let down her milk instantly. Perhaps she sensed that I was calmer since I have met these milk jugs before and knew what I was doing.

My First Day Homestead Sitting

I must admit right now, I had never milked a goat. Cows, yes, for years. When the first goat jumped up on the milking stand I was presented with an udder that resembled two giant yams hanging from her. I believe this one was an Alpine. My hands instantly groaned at the sight of the teats I would have to work.

Oh, Honey, Honey…

Dear Neighbor, Several plus years ago we decided to raise bees. After all, Milk and Honey Homestead wouldn’t live up to its name if we didn’t have our own honey. Milk we had, through our lovely Jersey,  but it wasn’t a good time around here for bee...

Sometimes I Cheat

I guess you have seen me, while passing by, so I will admit the obvious: sometimes I cheat. Well, only in a technical term- but not in my heart, which is where it counts.

My Mentor and Inspiration: Carly Emery

Back in 1996, I bought the ninth edition of The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. I remember pouring over this book, delighting in every word. I would read some of it every day, in total fascination of this wonder of a woman and looked forward to my “Carla” time.