This letter was written to me by my daughter. Thought I would use to answer the question. ~S

Dear Neighbors,

About a month ago, a friend posted the most adorable picture of a tiny
orange kitten on her Facebook. He was dumped off at her house and was free to
anyone who wanted to give him a home. Knowing that I needed a cat to live outside,
I decided to take him in. His name is Weasley, and though he likes to attack your feet
and chew the living daylights out of you, he is an incredibly well behaved cat.

Since the day I got him, I have been thinking about how to treat him for fleas.
My last two cats had an awful time with the average flea drops; vomiting, foaming of
the mouth, and long-term brain damage were all side effects. Over the last few years,

I have become increasingly dedicated to using all-natural products on myself and in
my home, so it was no question that I was going to use an all-natural solution for my

I decided that for a short-term solution, I would use Tea Tree Oil on
Weasley’s fur to make the fleas run off, and boy did it work! The fleas hated the
smell of the oil. But, a few days ago I decided to look up some actual flea medicine
designed for cats, and I came across an article mentioning that essential oils were
toxic for cats. Though natural and beneficial for humans, essential oils cannot be
metabolized by cats and, because of the thinness of a cat’s skin, can be toxic to the
point of death!

I went on a research rampage to find out what herbs and oils were bad, and
which were okay. Sure enough, Tea Tree Oil was among the harmful. (You can find
more here: I came across some more articles
warning you to check the ingredients on any “natural” flea product you find for
your cat (that includes flea collars). Sure enough, I found all natural collars and flea
sprays that often included more than one essential oil harmful to cats.

I did notice, upon research, clove was the only common ingredient in
natural flea treatment that I couldn’t find much information on. The little that I did
find all encouraged you to keep it away from your cat, so I decided to not take the
risk. The “Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy” was the only powder I found
containing no harmful ingredients at all! (Available at .)

So be warned, cat owners: “All Natural” may be safe for you, and even other animals, but that doesn’t
guarantee safety for your cats! Be sure to check all the ingredients on the bottle
before you decide to put it on your precious feline!