Dear Neighbor,

I have to tell you, I just can’t get that family from the movie, Food, Inc,  out of my head! The scene  showed the family in the produce department of a grocery store, deciding how to spend their $10. They could get a few produce items or buy from the dollar menu at Micky D’s. Sadly, they had to pick the cheapest way to fill their bellies and the golden arches won.

The reality is, real food is not cheap. When I found out about Angel Food Ministries , I was so excited! This food co-op  type ministry  is trying to allow families to eat, at home, around the table, with food that is affordable. While you probably won’t find organic foods as your choices, the menu choices do provide food that is versitile and many of them can  be stored on your pantry.  And it sure beats fast food!

You can pre-order as many types of menu boxes as you wish, online, for most locations.  You can buy gift cards, as well. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to save money or just be a blessing to others. Check to see if there is a location in your area and if not, consider helping your community and  starting one.

Happy Homesteading, S