Dear Neighbor,

We have a really old house and our kitchen grey water goes into an old timey septic like tank and then right out the side of a hill. This eventually ends up back into my water system, or someone elses, so I am always concerned what goes into my ground more than others might be. Have you ever considered what you flush down the drain?

For those who are on city sewer, what you put in the ground may be even more impactful because the water doesn’t have layers of the cleansing earth to filter it clean. It goes directly to your local water system where it is treated with even more chemicals and then flows right back to where it came from: your faucet.

I found wonderful cleaning supplies that are totally safe. They don’t even need child proof caps because they are already child proof. They work better than anything you will buy at Wal Mart for less than brand names.

With all the controversy of the name brand dish detergent’s lack of performance, due to the removal of phosphates, I was glad that I had  found not only a healthier choice, but a brand that worked even better than the phosphate loaded brands, without all the chemicals.  I don’t have to worry about the unseen residue that keeps the glasses sparkling or the poisons that are rubbing off onto my plate and then in my food.

Have you read the warning labels on your detergent? They begin telling us they are not safe for humans or animals! They do this so if you die, they can say, “We warned ya.” Have you ever read what the CDC says about what is in them and the side affects? Here’s what they say about dishwasher detergent:

WARNING! Strong skin irritant. Can burn throat. Contains bleach which can cause swelling and tearing of eye tissue. Vapors can cause headaches.

CDC Warning: Contains ethyl alcohol, bleach and heavy fragrances. Vapors can cause central nervous system depression, nausea, lung irritation and in serve cases, coma and death.

Now, why are we using that stuff? Because we don’t know what else to use  that works! Until now. I am here to tell you there is no need to sacrifice green to be clean.

It is my experience that if people can afford it, they will always choose safe over toxic. With over 300 health home choices, it is easy being green. Contact me for information about my favorite products!

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