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Posted on Jul 27, 2010

Wednesday’s Task

Wednesday’s Task

Dear Neighbor,

Wednesday’s task is to work on  Planning Your Pantry. If your pantry has not been totally cleared and space made, spend time doing this. Look around. What space can be emptied, the contents either relocated or disposed of? Take 15 minutes today and work on clearing your place to store. Grab a bag for “give away” “throw away” or “put away” and make your space! Need ideas? Check out some ideas.

If your pantry has already been carved out, spend 15 minutes organizing it. Make sure all foods that you plan to keep longer than a month are dated.

Do a quick inventory of non-edible items. Paper products, batteries and such may need to be replenished.

Remember, many little steps get us where we want to be: prepared.

Happy Homesteading, S