Dear Neighbor,

Spring on the homestead is a great time for chickens; they are all perky and laying like crazy.  Soon the eggs pile up and I just kind of stare at them all, wondering what to do with them. The dogs love an egg surplus. So does their fur!

Then summer wanes on and the girls get hot, tired and begin to molt,  and I sometimes can’t hustle up an egg if I tried. That’s why I store eggs when there are plenty.

Freezing eggs is so simple. All you do is scramble them and pour  into a container and freeze. A whole dozen fits into a quart canning jar. Smaller amounts can be stored in zip lock bags. I freeze bags with two eggs, because so many recipes call for two eggs.  They freeze nice and flat, taking almost no room, at all.

To use,  it takes only minutes to thaw right on the counter.  I am always conscious to store eggs  in the fall, to make sure I  have enough eggs for holiday baking.  Frozen eggs last 6 months.

Happy Homesteading, S